Let's Talk Architecture is a new discussion show by Archistan. Hosts, Ar. Maheen Zakir and Ar. Sheheryar Zahid, both architecture graduates will discuss different topics that are relevant to the field of architecture. The brief, one on one videos aims to be informative, helpful and navigate through different aspects of the field of Architecture.
New Videos every Sunday at 8 PM on our youtube channel!


Episode No. Title Youtube link
1. Introduction to Archistan Click Here
2. What is the Architecture of Pakistan? Click Here
3. What is the Architecture of Pakistan? Part 2 Click Here
4. What are we not learning in Architecture schools in Pakistan Click Here
5. Importance of Relevant Art subjects & Drawing in Architecture Click Here
6. Importance of Teaching Architecture Tools & Softwares in Institutes Click Here
7. Why you should hire an Architect Click Here
8. 5 TIPS to Find the Right Architect Click Here
9. How To Select Your Thesis Topic Click Here
10. How to Ace Your Thesis Click Here
11. What To Do After Architecture School Click Here
12. Importance of working with a firm after graduation Click Here
13. Pursuing Masters after Architecture Click Here
14. Real Estate Insights Click Here

Real Estate

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